Maddison Water Technology have the experience and resources to handle any garden or landscape. Whatever size or shape MWT can design an Irrigation system to suit your requirements. We only install the best products available on the market for high performance and reliability, this ensuring a trouble-free and long lasting system.

We specialise in :

  • Automatic Garden Irrigation
  • Garden Ponds & Fountains
  • Hoses, Lances & Drip Irrigation

The Smart and Easy Way to a Beautiful Landscape
An Automatic Irrigation System helps you save water, time and money.

Rain Bird Landscape Dripline delivers unparalleled clog resistance for long term Landscape. Dripline emitter has the largest cross-sectional water passage area clog resistance. Inline emitter tubing is ideal for watering hedges, trees, shrubbery etc. This pressure compensating product is perfect for watering slope plantings.

Maddison Water Technology can offer individually designed Water Foundations including Submersible Pump and specification fountain heads. Size of these fountains depend on the area of water in the ponds.

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