Maddison Water Technology sponsors Moulton Harrox under nine cricket club!

All of us here at Maddison Water Technology are very proud to sponsor Moulton Harrox under nine’s cricket club! This fantastic team of bright young sportsmen perfectly represent the values of teamwork and determination that Maddison love to bring to all of our work.

We be following the team’s progress closely, and giving our support wherever they need it, but we all know that the most important thing to look out for is how much fun the guys are all having on the pitch!

This summer is looking to be a busy one and we want to wish all of the boys the best of luck both on and off the field. It’s brilliant to see fresh young faces being encouraged to take part in this wonderful summer sport that our nation is famous for across the globe, and who knows, in a few short years we might even see one or two of them at Lord’s!

Keeping active is so important for all of us, and Maddison Water Technology are in a very fortunate position as we get to work on improving a great variety of sports grounds to benefit a whole range of fantastic local teams!

We understand just how important a good quality green is for proper training and we pride ourselves on having a simple goal of making the watering process of your grounds as fast and efficient as possible. No matter the size or budget, we will do our utmost to find the perfect solution for you.

So, make sure you keep a close eye on the progress of the boys at Moulton Harrox, we’re sure that we can help them to go far this summer! And if you need any watering solutions for your sports grounds, make sure you get in contact with Maddison Water Technology to see how we can help!