Storing water underground makes sense on every level

As the world gets ever smaller, fuelled by technology advancements, population growth, and regulatory restrictions,  space is increasingly being sold at a premium. While most of us continue to take it for granted, there can be few more precious (albeit highly space consuming) substances on earth than water. These two facts can often leave commercial businesses, households, farms and other organisations with a storage quandary.

The solution is almost always a professionally installed, well designed, fit for purpose underground water storage tank. Of course, making the decision to look into such a solution is one thing – making the right decision is quite another challenge. You must first weigh up the pros, the cons, the cost and the capabilities of the supplier.

Understanding underground water storage tank installations…

There is more at stake, when considering underwater storage than simply space. There are all of the safety aspects involved, such as protection from animals, contamination, vandalism, or any number of accidental scenarios. The aesthetics of underwater storage is also quite appealing in many situations. Quite simply put; the choice between a great big ugly tank in the garden or alongside a building compared to not seeing the tank at all is a fairly straight forward one.

With many years of experience in the industry, and a track record of delivering results, Maddison Water Technology are experts in underground water storage technologies. Whatever the use you have in mind, collecting rainwater, irrigation systems, domestic supplies, farmyard water supplies, emergency water, drinking water supplies, waste collection, or anything else, we will have the perfect solution.

A watertight solution for any capacity…

With tanks storing any volume from 200 gallons to over 60,000 and in a variety of types (depending on the intended use), we really can provide a perfect solution. From the site planning through to product choice, professional installation and commissioning, your project will be in the safest hands possible and the solution we deliver will be the right one for you – Guaranteed.

Healthy air control needs professional dust suppression systems

There are strict regulations controlling the levels of dust generated on a commercial site. Local Authorities and Environmental Agencies can (and often do) close down sites or issue heavy fines where the rules are breached or a complaint has been made by a neighbouring person or business.

Depending on the type of operation (power stations, quarries, leisure industry sports arenas or coal yards, etc) there are a variety of dust suppression solutions available. Knowing which one to choose for the best results and the most effective and efficient installation methods comes down to experience and understanding the industry. Here, at Maddison Water Technology, we are proud of our track record of successfully installing Dust Suppression Systems, and would be delighted to advise you on your site.

Choosing the right solution for you…

When a building or construction site is subject to windy conditions or dust being spread around by vehicle movement, it needs a haul road dust suppression solution. In most cases this would consist of a system of carefully positioned rainguns or pop-up sprinklers, controlled automatically from a central point. The key to making these systems effective and efficient is understanding the geography of the area and planning accordingly.

Often a site may need to maintain a dust mound or stockpile of coal for a period of time. To control the dust emissions from these sites and avoid any increased environmental concerns we would recommend one of our market leading blanket coverage dust suppression systems. This water based solution has proven highly effective in reducing dust from spreading and keeping companies within the required limits.

With over four decades of experience and access to the leading dust suppression products on the market, including the Nodolini range of rainguns, Maddison has the solution.

Other dust suppression environment requirements…

Other sites where we have provided a designed dust suppression solution for our customers include: coal yards, quarries, recycling centres, domestic and industrial waste sites, demolition sites, riding schools, tracks and stables, greyhound tracks, indoor arenas and outdoor sports venues.

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