Recycling Depots

Site No1 London Borough of Harrow (Manual System)
MWT have installed a Dust Suppression for the above client at Waste, Refuse and Recycling Centre in Wealdstone.
The system includes 3 x R6S Rainguns mounted above the refuse which is being recycled the systems is connected to the existing mains water supply with the necessary WRAS approved double check valve installation. The system is operated manually via lever operated valves when required as the site is used by the general public we have installed a lockable master valve which will stop any unauthorized people from operating the system.

Site No2 Wolverhampton Site (Automatic System)
MWT supplied and installed 2 x R25S Rainguns mounted upon the top of the picking shed with a throw of 30mtrs in still air condition in high winds this will change accordingly. Each Raingun was fitted with a 24v AC solenoid valve and each Raingun will be operated separately on a 2 station controller. 7.5kw three phase pump will be fitted at the existing storage tank which will be controlled via a pressure switch, 90mm HPPE mains will run from the pump to the Rainguns.

The system will operate as follows:
The controller will open the solenoid valve thus dropping the pressure in the pipe from the pump unit which in turn will start the pump (From the pressure switch) when both Solenoid valves have closed the pressure in the pipework will rise and therefore will stop the pump which is now on standby until the system is required again.


Micronclean Water Storage Tank

MWT was asked by Micronclean Ltd to quote for a water storage to replace their old sectional galvanised tank which was now unsafe as Microclean need the water for the laundry factory in the week. MWT would arranged for the work to be done over the weekend.

Our engineers went in on Friday morning to prep for the works when the factory stop using the water on lunch time on the Friday, we dismantled the old tank (and placed into skips ), pressure washed the existing concrete base, erected a new 90M3 galvanised sectional water storage fitted with Greenseal liner & sectional steel cover, reconnect existing water supply & pump suction,  new tank was back in use by Saturday afternoon.

MWT supply all types of storage tanks to suit any application.

We were delighted when Mick from Micronclean gave us feedback…

“Good Morning Gents, A big thank you for a great job done ,tank looks good , your lads worked hard to get job done”