Storing water underground makes sense on every level

As the world gets ever smaller, fuelled by technology advancements, population growth, and regulatory restrictions,  space is increasingly being sold at a premium. While most of us continue to take it for granted, there can be few more precious (albeit highly space consuming) substances on earth than water. These two facts can often leave commercial businesses, households, farms and other organisations with a storage quandary.

The solution is almost always a professionally installed, well designed, fit for purpose underground water storage tank. Of course, making the decision to look into such a solution is one thing – making the right decision is quite another challenge. You must first weigh up the pros, the cons, the cost and the capabilities of the supplier.

Understanding underground water storage tank installations…

There is more at stake, when considering underwater storage than simply space. There are all of the safety aspects involved, such as protection from animals, contamination, vandalism, or any number of accidental scenarios. The aesthetics of underwater storage is also quite appealing in many situations. Quite simply put; the choice between a great big ugly tank in the garden or alongside a building compared to not seeing the tank at all is a fairly straight forward one.

With many years of experience in the industry, and a track record of delivering results, Maddison Water Technology are experts in underground water storage technologies. Whatever the use you have in mind, collecting rainwater, irrigation systems, domestic supplies, farmyard water supplies, emergency water, drinking water supplies, waste collection, or anything else, we will have the perfect solution.

A watertight solution for any capacity…

With tanks storing any volume from 200 gallons to over 60,000 and in a variety of types (depending on the intended use), we really can provide a perfect solution. From the site planning through to product choice, professional installation and commissioning, your project will be in the safest hands possible and the solution we deliver will be the right one for you – Guaranteed.

Underground Water Storage Tanks

Underground water storage tanks are used for underground storage of potable drinking water, water for livestock, rainwater collection, municipal water for household use, emergency water supplies, wastewater and can also be used as a water reservoir for water irrigation systems; watering race courses or sports fields.

There are many good reasons for getting an underground water tank. For example, if you need a water tank on a farm or nature reserve, having it underground protects it from potential damage caused by the animals. If space is in short supply, particularly in private homes, underground water tanks can be situated under driveways or lawns. A water tank situated above ground can be an unsightly view, so having it underground keeps it hidden from view but more than that, having it underground offers protection from potential vandalism, tampering, fires or natural disasters.

Maddison Water Technology provide a complete range of both above ground and below ground water storage tanks. These tanks cover the applications for potable water, rainwater, fire protection water, recycled water, grey and waste water, Leachate (from landfill) water and liquid fertiliser water. You should use Maddison Water Technology for your underground water storage needs and here’s why…

Maddison Water Technology offer two storage tanks of the underground variety. They are; Underground GRP Cylindrical Water Storage Tanks and Polyethylene Underground Water Storage Tanks. These below ground storage tanks are cylindrical and manufactured using glass-reinforced Polyester. These tanks, offered by Maddison Water Technology, are available in several sizes with the option of concrete-on-granular surround.

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Do you need an underground water storage tank?

At this most wonderful time of the year an underground storage tank may not be top of your Christmas list, but we hope by the time you’ve reached the end of this blog post your mind will be well and truly changed.

Above ground water tanks are the more conventional water tank type, but have you considered an underground water tanks as an alternative? They’re surprisingly versatile and provide some genuine advantages compared to standard water tanks.

An underground water tank has a wide range of uses and applications

  • Store water harvested from rainwater – an increasingly popular method for gardeners and horticulturalists
  • Store municipal water from a range of sources for household use
  • Can be used as a water reservoir for water irrigation systems – useful for large areas requiring regular watering such as race courses and sports fields
  • Emergency supplies of water can be stored safely underground for a long period
  • Emergency water supply for fire fighting
  • Water for livestock

There’s a few drawbacks with underground water tanks

  • Underground water storage tanks can be pricier than above-ground tanks as they’re more durable and the construction technique is more specialised
  • The installation of underground water tanks can be a more costly and difficult process compared to installing above-ground water tanks
  • A pump is needed to extract water from underground storage tanks, while above ground tanks may only require gravity to provide enough pressure, especially if a water tank stand is deployed.

Some very good reasons for getting an underground water tank

  • If space is limited, especially in private homes, underground water tanks can be located under driveways or lawns
  • Above-ground water tanks can be an eyesore whereas underground water tanks can be neatly hidden away from view
  • Water stored underground is safe from potential vandals and tampering
  • Underground tanks offer protection from fires and other natural disasters
  • If you want to locate your underground tank on a farm or nature reserve, underground tanks offer protection from potential damage by animals.

Going underground with Maddison

As you can see underground water tanks are superior in a number of scenarios, particularly in the long term, despite the additional cost and installation costs.

Maddison Water Technology provide two storage tanks of the underground variety – Underground GRP Cylindrical Water Storage Tanks and Polyethylene Underground Water Storage Tanks.

These subterranean tanks can be filled with waste water, harvested rain water and potable (drinking) water.

All our ‘below ground’ storage tanks are cylindrical, manufactured using glass-reinforced Polyester and available in several sizes with the option for concrete-on-granular surround.

So we hope now that you’re convinced about the versatility of the humble below-ground water storage tank. And it’s still not too late to update your Xmas Wishlist… is Santa going to need a bigger sleigh?

Find out more

Maddison Water Technology provide a complete range of above ground and underground water storage tanks below cover applications for

  • portable water (drinking water)
  • rainwater harvesting
  • fire protection water
  • recycled water
  • grey & waste water
  • Leachate (from landfill) and
  • liquid fertiliser.

Standard water tank equipment includes an access manway, inlet, outlet & overflow and x Lockable pedestrian cover & frame. In addition you can get an additional turret, access ladders, filtration and pumping solutions.

Standard tanks are available in capacities from 1m³ (220 UK gallons) to 275m³ (60,500 UK gallons) and in diameters from 1.0m to 4.0m and lengths from 1.4m to 22.5m. Storage volume can be increased by interconnecting several tanks onsite.