Underground Water Storage Tanks

Underground water storage tanks are used for underground storage of potable drinking water, water for livestock, rainwater collection, municipal water for household use, emergency water supplies, wastewater and can also be used as a water reservoir for water irrigation systems; watering race courses or sports fields.

There are many good reasons for getting an underground water tank. For example, if you need a water tank on a farm or nature reserve, having it underground protects it from potential damage caused by the animals. If space is in short supply, particularly in private homes, underground water tanks can be situated under driveways or lawns. A water tank situated above ground can be an unsightly view, so having it underground keeps it hidden from view but more than that, having it underground offers protection from potential vandalism, tampering, fires or natural disasters.

Maddison Water Technology provide a complete range of both above ground and below ground water storage tanks. These tanks cover the applications for potable water, rainwater, fire protection water, recycled water, grey and waste water, Leachate (from landfill) water and liquid fertiliser water. You should use Maddison Water Technology for your underground water storage needs and here’s why…

Maddison Water Technology offer two storage tanks of the underground variety. They are; Underground GRP Cylindrical Water Storage Tanks and Polyethylene Underground Water Storage Tanks. These below ground storage tanks are cylindrical and manufactured using glass-reinforced Polyester. These tanks, offered by Maddison Water Technology, are available in several sizes with the option of concrete-on-granular surround.

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