Redbridge Culture & Leisure

Maddison Water Technology Ltd have worked with the above for many years installing and looking after their Bowling Green Irrigation Systems.

We were contacted to try and find a solution for the proposed new allotments which had no water or electricity on the site.

We suggested initially sinking a 4” (100mm) borehole to find out if in fact there was sufficient water on site, we arranged for this to be undertaken to a depth of 15mtrs (You are allowed to abstract 20m3 of water per day without having to have an abstraction license) water was found so we proceeded to install a small submersible pump unit which would transfer the water from the borehole into a 22m3 polyethylene water storage tank.

The submersible pump is powered by using solar/wind power. The water from the tank will be used to water crops on the allotments.

MWT completed the whole project including installing palisade security fencing as a compound.