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Storing water underground makes sense on every level

As the world gets ever smaller, fuelled by technology advancements, population growth, and regulatory restrictions,  space is increasingly being sold at a premium. While most of us continue to take it for granted, there can be few more precious (albeit highly space consuming) substances on earth than water. These two facts can often leave commercial […]

Healthy air control needs professional dust suppression systems

There are strict regulations controlling the levels of dust generated on a commercial site. Local Authorities and Environmental Agencies can (and often do) close down sites or issue heavy fines where the rules are breached or a complaint has been made by a neighbouring person or business. Depending on the type of operation (power stations, […]

Recycling Depots

Site No1 London Borough of Harrow (Manual System) MWT have installed a Dust Suppression for the above client at Waste, Refuse and Recycling Centre in Wealdstone. The system includes 3 x R6S Rainguns mounted above the refuse which is being recycled the systems is connected to the existing mains water supply with the necessary WRAS approved double […]

Micronclean Water Storage Tank

MWT was asked by Micronclean Ltd to quote for a water storage to replace their old sectional galvanised tank which was now unsafe as Microclean need the water for the laundry factory in the week. MWT would arranged for the work to be done over the weekend. Our engineers went in on Friday morning to […]

Underground Water Storage Tanks

Underground water storage tanks are used for underground storage of potable drinking water, water for livestock, rainwater collection, municipal water for household use, emergency water supplies, wastewater and can also be used as a water reservoir for water irrigation systems; watering race courses or sports fields. There are many good reasons for getting an underground […]

Redbridge Culture & Leisure

Maddison Water Technology Ltd have worked with the above for many years installing and looking after their Bowling Green Irrigation Systems. We were contacted to try and find a solution for the proposed new allotments which had no water or electricity on the site. We suggested initially sinking a 4” (100mm) borehole to find out […]

Do you need an underground water storage tank?

At this most wonderful time of the year an underground storage tank may not be top of your Christmas list, but we hope by the time you’ve reached the end of this blog post your mind will be well and truly changed. Above ground water tanks are the more conventional water tank type, but have […]

Dust Suppression Systems – Benefits And Applications

Air pollution has come under the spotlight this month after The Supreme Court ordered the Government to take action on air quality, after its failure to meet legal limits for air pollution. The Government must submit new air quality plans to the European Commission no later than the end of this year. While the case […]

Dust Suppression System

When managing the conditions within any commercial or public environment, particularly a dry area where there is a lot of dust being accumulated or generated; adopting an appropriate dust suppression method is critical to the safe operation of the site. In many circumstances this is also a very important factor in the site meeting the […]