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Alice Through The Looking Glass

Maddison Water Technology has recently supplied and erected 2 no. TK45/3 sectional water storage tanks each with a capacity of 337,550 litres at Longcross Studios. The stored water was to be used for the special effects on the new film “Alice : Through The Looking Glass” The tanks were supplied to Absolem Productions Ltd and […]

Commercial Water Storage Tank Installations

One of the earliest innovations that propelled mankind into the realms of modern civilisation was his ability to capture and store water. And in the same way that the wheel is still essentially the same basic design as it was back then, so is the basic function of the water storage tank. Perhaps the biggest […]

Football Pitch Irrigation Specialists

How important is it to have a good playing surface for your football team? Is it ‘really’ worth the investment to make sure it is the best that it can possibly be? How can a fitted irrigation system make such a difference? Formula One teams spend millions each year developing engines, appeasing temperamental driver whims […]

ENVAR Composting Ltd – Rain Harvesting System

MWT was contracted to supply and install a Rain Harvesting System At ENVAR Recycling Depot in St Ives Cambridgeshire Requirements Collect Rain Water from existing building roofs on site into a 192M3 Sectional galvanised steel storage tank using over ground pipework Mounted upon special pre-fabricated stanchions the water then to be used on site at […]

Network Rail – Dust Suppression

Maddison Water Technology was contracted to supply and install a new Dust Suppression System at Network Rail Crewe NDS. REQUIREMENTS The existing dust suppression system at Crewe NDS is approximately 10 years old and is currently non-operational. To bring the system back into operation would require substantial remedial works, including additional modifications to bring the […]