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Storing water underground makes sense on every level

As the world gets ever smaller, fuelled by technology advancements, population growth, and regulatory restrictions,  space is increasingly being sold at a premium. While most of us continue to take it for granted, there can be few more precious (albeit highly space consuming) substances on earth than water. These two facts can often leave commercial businesses, households, farms and other organisations with a storage quandary.

The solution is almost always a professionally installed, well designed, fit for purpose underground water storage tank. Of course, making the decision to look into such a solution is one thing – making the right decision is quite another challenge. You must first weigh up the pros, the cons, the cost and the capabilities of the supplier.

Understanding underground water storage tank installations…

There is more at stake, when considering underwater storage than simply space. There are all of the safety aspects involved, such as protection from animals, contamination, vandalism, or any number of accidental scenarios. The aesthetics of underwater storage is also quite appealing in many situations. Quite simply put; the choice between a great big ugly tank in the garden or alongside a building compared to not seeing the tank at all is a fairly straight forward one.

With many years of experience in the industry, and a track record of delivering results, Maddison Water Technology are experts in underground water storage technologies. Whatever the use you have in mind, collecting rainwater, irrigation systems, domestic supplies, farmyard water supplies, emergency water, drinking water supplies, waste collection, or anything else, we will have the perfect solution.

A watertight solution for any capacity…

With tanks storing any volume from 200 gallons to over 60,000 and in a variety of types (depending on the intended use), we really can provide a perfect solution. From the site planning through to product choice, professional installation and commissioning, your project will be in the safest hands possible and the solution we deliver will be the right one for you – Guaranteed.

Healthy air control needs professional dust suppression systems

There are strict regulations controlling the levels of dust generated on a commercial site. Local Authorities and Environmental Agencies can (and often do) close down sites or issue heavy fines where the rules are breached or a complaint has been made by a neighbouring person or business.

Depending on the type of operation (power stations, quarries, leisure industry sports arenas or coal yards, etc) there are a variety of dust suppression solutions available. Knowing which one to choose for the best results and the most effective and efficient installation methods comes down to experience and understanding the industry. Here, at Maddison Water Technology, we are proud of our track record of successfully installing Dust Suppression Systems, and would be delighted to advise you on your site.

Choosing the right solution for you…

When a building or construction site is subject to windy conditions or dust being spread around by vehicle movement, it needs a haul road dust suppression solution. In most cases this would consist of a system of carefully positioned rainguns or pop-up sprinklers, controlled automatically from a central point. The key to making these systems effective and efficient is understanding the geography of the area and planning accordingly.

Often a site may need to maintain a dust mound or stockpile of coal for a period of time. To control the dust emissions from these sites and avoid any increased environmental concerns we would recommend one of our market leading blanket coverage dust suppression systems. This water based solution has proven highly effective in reducing dust from spreading and keeping companies within the required limits.

With over four decades of experience and access to the leading dust suppression products on the market, including the Nodolini range of rainguns, Maddison has the solution.

Other dust suppression environment requirements…

Other sites where we have provided a designed dust suppression solution for our customers include: coal yards, quarries, recycling centres, domestic and industrial waste sites, demolition sites, riding schools, tracks and stables, greyhound tracks, indoor arenas and outdoor sports venues.

Get in touch if you’d like some expert advice.

Underground Water Storage Tanks

Underground water storage tanks are used for underground storage of potable drinking water, water for livestock, rainwater collection, municipal water for household use, emergency water supplies, wastewater and can also be used as a water reservoir for water irrigation systems; watering race courses or sports fields.

There are many good reasons for getting an underground water tank. For example, if you need a water tank on a farm or nature reserve, having it underground protects it from potential damage caused by the animals. If space is in short supply, particularly in private homes, underground water tanks can be situated under driveways or lawns. A water tank situated above ground can be an unsightly view, so having it underground keeps it hidden from view but more than that, having it underground offers protection from potential vandalism, tampering, fires or natural disasters.

Maddison Water Technology provide a complete range of both above ground and below ground water storage tanks. These tanks cover the applications for potable water, rainwater, fire protection water, recycled water, grey and waste water, Leachate (from landfill) water and liquid fertiliser water. You should use Maddison Water Technology for your underground water storage needs and here’s why…

Maddison Water Technology offer two storage tanks of the underground variety. They are; Underground GRP Cylindrical Water Storage Tanks and Polyethylene Underground Water Storage Tanks. These below ground storage tanks are cylindrical and manufactured using glass-reinforced Polyester. These tanks, offered by Maddison Water Technology, are available in several sizes with the option of concrete-on-granular surround.

Contact Maddison Water Technology on 01775 725131 for more details.

Maddison Water Technology sponsors Moulton Harrox under nine cricket club!

All of us here at Maddison Water Technology are very proud to sponsor Moulton Harrox under nine’s cricket club! This fantastic team of bright young sportsmen perfectly represent the values of teamwork and determination that Maddison love to bring to all of our work.

We be following the team’s progress closely, and giving our support wherever they need it, but we all know that the most important thing to look out for is how much fun the guys are all having on the pitch!

This summer is looking to be a busy one and we want to wish all of the boys the best of luck both on and off the field. It’s brilliant to see fresh young faces being encouraged to take part in this wonderful summer sport that our nation is famous for across the globe, and who knows, in a few short years we might even see one or two of them at Lord’s!

Keeping active is so important for all of us, and Maddison Water Technology are in a very fortunate position as we get to work on improving a great variety of sports grounds to benefit a whole range of fantastic local teams!

We understand just how important a good quality green is for proper training and we pride ourselves on having a simple goal of making the watering process of your grounds as fast and efficient as possible. No matter the size or budget, we will do our utmost to find the perfect solution for you.

So, make sure you keep a close eye on the progress of the boys at Moulton Harrox, we’re sure that we can help them to go far this summer! And if you need any watering solutions for your sports grounds, make sure you get in contact with Maddison Water Technology to see how we can help!

Do you need an underground water storage tank?

At this most wonderful time of the year an underground storage tank may not be top of your Christmas list, but we hope by the time you’ve reached the end of this blog post your mind will be well and truly changed.

Above ground water tanks are the more conventional water tank type, but have you considered an underground water tanks as an alternative? They’re surprisingly versatile and provide some genuine advantages compared to standard water tanks.

An underground water tank has a wide range of uses and applications

  • Store water harvested from rainwater – an increasingly popular method for gardeners and horticulturalists
  • Store municipal water from a range of sources for household use
  • Can be used as a water reservoir for water irrigation systems – useful for large areas requiring regular watering such as race courses and sports fields
  • Emergency supplies of water can be stored safely underground for a long period
  • Emergency water supply for fire fighting
  • Water for livestock

There’s a few drawbacks with underground water tanks

  • Underground water storage tanks can be pricier than above-ground tanks as they’re more durable and the construction technique is more specialised
  • The installation of underground water tanks can be a more costly and difficult process compared to installing above-ground water tanks
  • A pump is needed to extract water from underground storage tanks, while above ground tanks may only require gravity to provide enough pressure, especially if a water tank stand is deployed.

Some very good reasons for getting an underground water tank

  • If space is limited, especially in private homes, underground water tanks can be located under driveways or lawns
  • Above-ground water tanks can be an eyesore whereas underground water tanks can be neatly hidden away from view
  • Water stored underground is safe from potential vandals and tampering
  • Underground tanks offer protection from fires and other natural disasters
  • If you want to locate your underground tank on a farm or nature reserve, underground tanks offer protection from potential damage by animals.

Going underground with Maddison

As you can see underground water tanks are superior in a number of scenarios, particularly in the long term, despite the additional cost and installation costs.

Maddison Water Technology provide two storage tanks of the underground variety – Underground GRP Cylindrical Water Storage Tanks and Polyethylene Underground Water Storage Tanks.

These subterranean tanks can be filled with waste water, harvested rain water and potable (drinking) water.

All our ‘below ground’ storage tanks are cylindrical, manufactured using glass-reinforced Polyester and available in several sizes with the option for concrete-on-granular surround.

So we hope now that you’re convinced about the versatility of the humble below-ground water storage tank. And it’s still not too late to update your Xmas Wishlist… is Santa going to need a bigger sleigh?

Find out more

Maddison Water Technology provide a complete range of above ground and underground water storage tanks below cover applications for

  • portable water (drinking water)
  • rainwater harvesting
  • fire protection water
  • recycled water
  • grey & waste water
  • Leachate (from landfill) and
  • liquid fertiliser.

Standard water tank equipment includes an access manway, inlet, outlet & overflow and x Lockable pedestrian cover & frame. In addition you can get an additional turret, access ladders, filtration and pumping solutions.

Standard tanks are available in capacities from 1m³ (220 UK gallons) to 275m³ (60,500 UK gallons) and in diameters from 1.0m to 4.0m and lengths from 1.4m to 22.5m. Storage volume can be increased by interconnecting several tanks onsite.

Dust Suppression Systems – Benefits And Applications

Air pollution has come under the spotlight this month after The Supreme Court ordered the Government to take action on air quality, after its failure to meet legal limits for air pollution.

The Government must submit new air quality plans to the European Commission no later than the end of this year.

While the case was brought in relation to the UK’s failure to comply with EU law for setting limits for NO2 pollution in areas across the UK, it demonstrates the importance of air quality in the political and social agenda.

Industrial and recreational sector-created dust emissions are among the many causes of air pollution.

As such, the benefits of efficient and effective Dust Suppression Systems are proven and manifold.

Unquestionably, the primary benefit is the vital role they play in meeting safety, health and environmental legislation requirements.

Systems not only reduce the impact of air pollution caused by airborne dust – including coal, sand, gravel, stone and that generated through processing industrial and domestic waste – they help safeguard the health of employees and those living in the local community.

Dust Suppression Systems can protect from harmful respiratory diseases, as well as skin and eye irritations, significantly reduce the risk of fire and dust explosions and increase workplace visibility.

Creating a healthier working environment has the added advantage of helping to boost employee morale and productivity.

Working within their various applications, a well-designed Dust Suppression Systems can also:

• Prevent unpleasant odours

• Save money by reducing site maintenance, clean-up costs and equipment wear

• Establish and maintain good community relations

With more than 40 years’ experience, Maddison Water Technology supplies individually-designed Dust Suppression Systems, based around our own successful system, to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

There is a multitude of applications, within both the industrial and recreational sectors, and typical examples include:


Dust control for quarry operators remains an important issue, with many opportunities for airborne dust during the blasting, crushing, screening and transportation processes.

Legislation and local planning regulations require dust suppression for the benefit of workers and those living in the local community.

Coal Yards and Dust Mounds

Suppressing coal dust emissions is vital to worker safety due to the possibility of coal dust explosions and also reduces the cost of maintaining material handling equipment.

While clouds of fugitive coal dust, whipped up by the wind during loading and unloading shipments, may not exceed air quality standards they can create a nuisance for nearby businesses and residents.

Emissions from dust mounds are equally detrimental.

Haul Roads

A dust-free haul road results in increased workplace safety, including better driver visibility, and is a money-saving initiative as it extends the life of vehicle tyres.

Domestic and Industrial Waste and Recycling Centres

Any industry processing waste materials and handling fine organic dusts are at significant risk from fire or explosion.

Nuisance dust also creates an unpleasant working environment and health hazard for employees alongside housekeeping issues.

Construction and Demolition Sites

Dust pollution from demolition and construction sites can impact on the health and quality of life of builders and contractors as well as residents living nearby.

Horse Riding Arenas, Riding Schools and Stables

Dust particles emitted in indoor and outdoor arenas, manèges, pens, walkers and stables can enter the respiratory system of not only the animals but their human trainers, riders and instructors.

These same issues affect greyhound racing track dogs and workers.

Dust Suppression System

When managing the conditions within any commercial or public environment, particularly a dry area where there is a lot of dust being accumulated or generated; adopting an appropriate dust suppression method is critical to the safe operation of the site. In many circumstances this is also a very important factor in the site meeting the associated health and safety standards that are relevant to its operation. There are a number of dust suppression or misting systems available in the marketplace that can manage this issue – depending on the nature of the requirement, the type of dust that needs to be controlled and the environment itself.

Construction Sites

On large construction sites, such as road building or new build housing projects, it is important to be able to control the spread of dust due to the activity of vehicles or people moving around the site. Dust can also be spread by the wind, other weather conditions or a wide variety of external influences. There are a number of dust control systems that have been developed to manage, or reduce, the movement of dust in these circumstances. Most of these involve the use of rain, or super-fine mist simulation systems such as rainguns.

Dust mounds or stockpiles of coal are often present on construction sites and this can become a serious environmental issue for those who work on the site and in nearby communities. In order to meet its health and safety obligations a company will need to control the potential dispersion of dust from these features. Dust suppression systems are available that are designed specifically to fulfil the task of managing dust mounds.

Sports and leisure industry sites

Where there are outdoor arenas being used for public activities such as equestrian shows and events, festivals or other large gatherings of people in one location, there are potential dust issues. Having the right dust suppression systems in place to control the environment is essential to keeping those attending these events safe, both legally and environmentally. The organisers of these activities are usually the ones responsible for health and safety and it is down to them to find the most suitable solution.

Depending on the type of gathering, the flow of people, the weather conditions, the environment itself, and the amount of dust that is present, there are a number of bespoke systems available. These can include a mixture of both perimeter and mobile equipment which would need to be designed and configured in the most efficient and effective way for each particular set of circumstances.

The primary objective is to keep the dust on the ground as much as possible and the best way to achieve this is by keeping it damp. Once the dust has become airborne it becomes a far more difficult element to control or suppress. It can then represent a potential health hazard to both the people working on the site or to those living and working close by. Having designed the solution, equipment is set up to contain or suppress the movement of dust around a site. This includes activities such as: spraying the wheels of passing vehicles with water and spraying the surface where the dust itself lies with super-fine mist.

Alice Through The Looking Glass

Maddison Water Technology has recently supplied and erected 2 no. TK45/3 sectional water storage tanks each with a capacity of 337,550 litres at Longcross Studios.

The stored water was to be used for the special effects on the new film “Alice : Through The Looking Glass”

The tanks were supplied to Absolem Productions Ltd and installation was completed in 7 working days in October 2014.

For more details about Water Storage Tanks please contact us on 01775 725131 or email us on

Our complete range of above ground and underground water storage tanks cover applications for potable water, rainwater harvesting, fire protection water, recycled water, grey & waste water, Leachate (from landfill) and Liquid fertiliser.

Commercial Water Storage Tank Installations

One of the earliest innovations that propelled mankind into the realms of modern civilisation was his ability to capture and store water. And in the same way that the wheel is still essentially the same basic design as it was back then, so is the basic function of the water storage tank. Perhaps the biggest difference in the evolution of this most fundamental of requirements is the materials used, the experience and expertise of those fitting it, and the cost of the installation. Most of these variables are dependent on the specific requirements of those needing a secure supply of water and its intended use.

Water is essential to life. It is the sign that biologists and cosmologists look out for when searching for life – it is one of the first treatments to be checked and supplied in any medical emergency – it is a vital ingredient of every living creature on our planet – in its purest form it is one of the most powerful cleaning agents known to man – and it is beautiful as it sparkles in the sunlight on a summer morning. We need water and in many scenarios we depend on it being easily accessible, close at hand and ready to be used at a moment’s notice.

That is why water tanks are so important and why selecting the right one for your business is such a critical decision. There are a huge variety to choose from and a number of variations in how each one can be installed or used. That means a decision has to be made and, as with anything which affects the wellbeing and health of your business, you would be wise to take expert advice before deciding.

Some of the plastic variations that are available include: vertical, horizontal, static, rainwater and liquid fertiliser. In the galvanised steel range there are corrugated or specialist application versions – and then there are the underground GRP cylindrical or polyethylene water tanks and even an above ground GRP one-piece version. Clearly there is a question to be asked here first. What do you need your tank to do for you?

Some of the more common commercial water tank applications are for: potable water, rainwater harvesting, fire protection water, recycled water, grey and waste water. Other requirements might also include tanks for storing leachate (from landfill) and liquid fertiliser.

Whatever your requirement, whether it is cost effective supply and installation, reliability, efficiency and meeting all of the legislation that surrounds water tanks or maybe you have a unique circumstance or unusual need – get in touch with the experts. Advice costs nothing and could save you a whole lot of stress, hassle and unnecessary cost. As experts in water and all of its life-giving, life-saving and life-enhancing properties we care about making sure that our customers get advice and access to the best possible technology available to meet their needs and support their use of this most magical of natural substances.

To learn more about commercial water storage tank installation or any other issue around water technology applications, please get in touch. We’d love to help.